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My name is Bailey Black and I run a local Aerial & Satellite business in the UK. I have been in business for over 20 years and in that time have built up a good reputation for professional services for pretty much all things related to Television systems including Freeview, BT Vision, Sky TV, Virgin & Freesat. These systems work from either the TV Antenna usually attached to the house on the outside or in the loft, or from a satellite dish. I have been carrying out repairs and installations in the UK, for nearly 2 decades know all the ins and out of this business.

TV Aerial Installation best practice

We fit a lot of aerials in the Manchester area and with that being the case we see loads of badly installed aerials on our travels. These are fit usually by guys that either do this part time and do it cheap or are fitted by electricians who haven’t got as full a knowledge of how to fit these systems as they’d like. Many guys fit aerials to chimney stacks using a lashing kit comprised of a bracket wall cover for aerial installationand wire cable. The bracket is secured to the stack by tying the cable to the bracket at both ends and slowly screwing the bolt that the wire is connected to so that the cable tightens around the chimney making the bracket fit securely. A mast with aerial attached is then itself attached to the bracket using a couple of v bolts. When done right it will stay in position for years without any trouble. However if it is not done correctly the wire cable can over time rub and cut into the mortar and in some cases will bring down a chimney stack as I have witnessed on a few jobs I have been to.

What we like to do these days is to use a stand off galvanised bracket which is bolted to the chimney stack using 4″ bolts. It will sit there totally secure without ever the risk of the stability of the chimney stack. Once we have fixed the aerials and mast to the bracket we run cable neatly down the roof using cable stays so secure the coax cable to the slates of the roof. This stops the cable moving about in the wind and rubbing causing damage to the cable and risking water ingress. Once the cable reaches the gutters we tuck the cable behind the gutter and run it down the wall tacking it in place until it reaches the entry hole. The hole is then sealed with silcone and covered with a blast cover to protect it from the weather and to also look more attractive than just  cable going into a hole. For more info on aerial installation in Manchester click tvaerialsmanchester.com

How to split a TV Aerial Signal like a Pro

The scenario is a home with an aerial point in a couple of rooms in the house, say a bedroom and a living room that has been set up originally by an aerial fitter correctly. Now the home owner wants an aerial point in a couple of other rooms in the house, the back room so the kids can watch their telly and another for the oldest child’s bedroom. What so often happens is the dad thinks to himself, ‘how hard can it be to split the signal coming into the front room and run cables from the join to the back room and also up into the bedroom’? Then he attempts it and runs the cable usually untidily into these rooms, with the cables generally in these cases going through a hole drilled through the window frame and into the room. The whole job looks untidy and for the final insult, the end result is that the TV’s in these rooms get a poor reception and the signal not being strong enough causes the picture to constantly freeze & break up.

tv aerial splitterThis made up scenario is pretty common and as aerial fitters we have come up against this kind of messy installation quite a few times. This sort of set up can never be successful unless the signal coming into the living room where the split is going to be done is very strong, & in most cases we find that it isn’t. The way that the professionals would get another 2 points into the property for the TV’s is to firstly measure the strength of the signal coming into the point furthest from the aerial. This will then give the aerial installer an idea of whether the signal is strong enough to be split or not. If not, then it would be advised to have an aerial installation to the 2 points that would be completely separate to the existing aerial system.

If the signal is strong enough at say 60db then it is highly likely that the signal could be split again and still provide enough strength and quality for it to be watchable with out any problems. If though the signal that is already going to 2 points needs to now go to 4 them the way to do this like a pro is to split the signal as close to the aerial head as possible. If the aerial is mounted on a chimney, this means the aerial fitter will need to go onto the roof and access it from off a roof ladder. A 4-way outdoor splitter would be required and fitted at the base of the aerial mast, the 2 original cables would connect there and 2 new cables run from there also to their respective rooms.

By splitting the signal at the strongest points you are giving the signal the best chance of remaining strong along with good quality by the time it reaches the TV. This is the way to split a TV Aerial Signal like a pro, and it is not something that most people would attempt to do. This is because a roof ladder is needed as well as a good head for heights which isn’t the possession of even the most avid DIYer. Also, the cables will be run in a neat and tidy way and in most cases the aerial man will attempt to keep any cable out of sight. The cables would not usually be run through a hole in the window frame but through a hole drilled through the wall complete with weather proof cover and silicone sealant to keep the water out.


Splitting an Aerial Signal with an Outdoor Splitter

How to watch Sky in multiple rooms without paying for Multiroom

As an Aerial & Satellite Engineer, I regularly get asked if it’s possible to watch the sky TV in more than one room in the house without having to sign up to Sky Multiroom at £11.25 per room.  Well, the answer is yes and no! Then I get a puzzled look until I explain that with the use of a piece of kit called an I.O link I can get the newest HD sky boxes to send the signal in analogue format to another room with only a coax cable and a remote infrared link. This enables to viewer to watch whatever is on the sky box in a different room and even change the channels and access all of the other facilities such as catch up telly and anything saved in the planner. This is a really good solution to the problem of wanting sky in another room without having to pay for another subscription. sky multi room magic eye systemThe only limit to this is that the viewer watching in the other room is tied to the same channel being viewed on the sky box in the main room where the receiver is and vice-versa. They cannot view different channels at the same time, and so this is where the’no’ comes in.

If the purpose of wanting sky in another room is to watch different channels at the same time, then the sky link magic eye system really isn’t for them, unless the other channel is on the Freeview list in which case it can be achieved. The link will push through both the sky signal that is analogue and also the Freeview signal that’s digital down the same cable at the same time so in practice someone can watch sky in one room and the other room can show Freeview channels such as ITV, BBC and the rest of the free to air TV Channels available. I fit quite a few of these systems as it is ideal for couples or singles who would like to also access their sky box from the bedroom and watch sky on the telly in the bedroom. The cost of running a sky link does depend on whether the customer has one of the newer HD boxes since the older ones do not need an i.o link kit. Instead, the older boxes have the modulator already installed within the sky box and all that is needed is to plug the cables into the coax ports in the back of the box and set the power for remote rf to on within the secret menu of the sky box.

Satellite Installation Company

Generally there many things that go in to finding a solid satellite installation organization that is trustworthy and costed appropriately. As a consumer you should try that you protect yourself towards companies who don’t have your very best interest in mind. There are several stuff that the satellite installation organization that you eventually choose must do or have done to make sure that the actual technician being sent within your home or business is actually of appropriate experience within quality to grant you the service necessary to make sure that your own satellite system provides many years of entertainment for your family or even workplace. Here are three stuff that you should look for out of the London area aerial set up company.


A good aerial set up company should have provided continuing training and support for just about any and all of their TV oxygenous, satellite dish and security technicians as well as their client representatives. By doing this it makes sure that all of these individuals are up-to-date within the latest technology as well as installation procedures. This enables them to not only do a satisfactory job of answering queries that you may have about the installation procedure or products that will be placed into your home or workplace but additionally to do the highest quality work during the physical installation by itself.

You may be able to find a satellite television installation company that has long gone as far as requiring its installing engineers to undergo a background checks prior to receiving employment while using aerial and satellite installing firm. By doing this the company isn’t only ensure themselves of an member of staff with a clean background and also provided a safeguard versus individuals entering your home and also require a previous criminal history. Many of the similar companies that do background checks will likely require a particular amount of expertise within the industry to be assured how the individual coming into the company carries a firm understanding and qualifications with satellite installation.

The correct satellite installation company also need to grant some sort of guarantee to guide the work that has been performed about the satellite installation or TELEVISION SET aerial installation in your home. This kind of guarantee should provide you your home or business owner some peace involving mind that the installation which has just occurred will continue to work for a long time to come. If a satellite set up company is not willing to assure its work then you may wish to consider looking elsewhere great satellite installation company.

They are just a couple of the things that you can do to ensure the company doing the install of the satellite or TV oxygenous not only has qualified reliable employees but also is happy to stand behind their help the months to come. Obtaining a satellite installation company might be a daunting task but with a little homework in making satisfied that the company that you find happens well recommended you will have awarded yourself your own little insurance policies against future problems that has been caused by a less reputable firm.